wood for horse trailer floor

The Truth About Rumber Flooring Blue Ridge Trailers

This is particularly true with respect to horse trailer The Truth About Rumber Flooring. transportation than in a trailer with an aluminum or a wood floor.

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Horse Trailer Repair: Floor Boards PetHelpful

The floor in a stock/horse trailer does not last forever. It must be replaced BEFORE it rots. When the wood floor rots it can break through at anytime when weight is applied to it.

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How to Make Your Wooden Trailer Floors Last Longer Today's

TORONTO What killed your trailer floor? I suggest it was death by moisture. But it probably didn’t decay. The wood likely snapped first. Van trailers can carry any number of things, and their interiors are designed for strength, durability, …

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Your Trailer`s Safety Rests On Its Floor Expert advice on

Many horsemen still raise their eyebrows at the mention of any non wood horse trailer floor. They’re skeptical, to say the least, citing concern that the floors

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