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Talking business Presentations: Questions BBC Home

At the end of your presentation, you may wish to open the floor to questions to ask if anyone has any questions about your presentation. Now listen to someone asking if there are any questions. As you listen, try to hear some of the phrases above

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About Open Floor Movement

About Open Floor Movement. Common Ground. There's an essential movement we all speak when we take these questions to the dance floor.

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I'd like to open the floor to the questions now

I suppose open the floor to the questions means that people are welcome to ask questions. But my question is that do the native speakers use this

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Open Floor: SI's NBA Show by Sports Illustrated on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Open Floor: Questions include: What percentage of this is a response to LeBron's summer?

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A Better Solution To Do You Have Any Questions? Mr. Media

If you’re like most speakers, you probably get to the end of your presentation and open up the floor by asking “Do you have any questions?”

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The Floor is Open for Questions Energy Trends Insider

I will be in London for the rest of the week without Internet access, but I thought I would open up the floor for any questions readers may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open Floor International is a collaboration of seasoned movement teachers from around the world who fell in love with the dance and have been personally healed by it.

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Best Answers for Open Ended Interview Questions

Open ended interview questions are those with no right or wrong answers. Here are tips on answering these questions plus sample questions and answers.

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